Press Releases

27 Jun 2018

Fibre Network at Yishun Restored

26 Jun 2018

Fibre Cable Cut Affecting Services Around Yishun

22 Mar 2018

Fibre Network at Boon Lay Drive Restored

21 Mar 2018

Fibre Cable Cut Affecting Some Areas In Jurong

08 May 2017

NetLink Trust Accepts Price Revisions Following IMDA's Review

12 Apr 2017

Fibre Service Interruption Affecting The Vicinity Of Jurong West Resolved

11 Apr 2017

Fibre Cut Affecting Vicinity Around Jurong West

27 Oct 2016

NetLink Trust Improves Service Levels But External Challenges Remain

18 Feb 2016

Fibre Network Outage Affecting Commonwealth and Ghim Moh Restored

17 Feb 2016

Fibre Cut Along Commonwealth Avenue West